About Us

Victoria Tomberlin completed her studies in publishing in 1997 as a graduate engineer. After initial professional experience in marketing, she completed postgraduate studies at the University of California in Berkeley (USA) in 2000. There she discovered her interest in health and nutrition topics, which she deepened in the following years. Out of this interest came NH-Healthcare.

Our Philosophy

NH-Healthcare stands for sustainable weight reduction. We would like to accompany you on your way to your personal desired weight. Your well-being is our top priority.

Therefore we do not leave you alone even after your NH-Healthcare phase. Therefore we offer additional products, tips and tricks how to make your everyday life more calorie-conscious and your life more vital.

Quality and reliability are our top priorities. When developing our products, we work closely together with experienced nutrition experts and focus on an optimal composition of nutrients that ensures your well-being.


Our versatile assortment is constantly being expanded. Thus you can carry out your program deliciously and without boredom. We attach great importance to a varied weight reduction, which is fun and with which you do not only have to eat a shake. Whether biscuits, crackers, soups, shakes, mueslis or bars – NH-Healthcare is composed of a variety of meals and snacks, which make the personal way to the desired figure much easier for you.


My name is Kim Owens and I am a nutrition specialist.

I graduated in Dietics from the University of Siena in 2010, specializing in Food Hygiene and Nutrition in 2013.

My passion for food comes from afar. My maternal grandparents, Vittorino and Maria, were bakers. I remember that as a child I would sneak into the laboratory to watch the pastries rising in the oven and all those mysterious ingredients crowded on the shelves. That’s when I started to think of food as magic. But every magic entails so much responsibility!

Nowadays the Internet is full of sites that talk about miraculous diets and people who lose tens of kilos in a very short time without any effort… But how much is true in the information that circulates on the web? And can these diets have any side effects? That’s what I’m trying to find out. Because changing diet has consequences not only on our aesthetics, but also on our well-being.

The site you have before your eyes was created with the aim of collecting and comparing as much information as possible on the most popular eating styles of the moment. What does the person who tries it say? And what do the experts think about it? What tests have been done? What are the pros and cons? Are the kilos lost maintained over time? What are the best physical exercises to combine with different diets?

Putting all this information in writing, I hope to provide you with a tool to help you embrace a more active lifestyle, to understand what results you could really achieve by changing what you put on the table, and to realistically assess the relationship between benefits and risks of each diet (yes, some foods ”healthy” in some cases could do more harm than good …).