Ten shocking signs of Gluten intolerance

Do you consume rye, barley or wheat in your diet? Does it have any effect on your health? The foods named can cause health complications due to gluten that they contain. You may feel dizzy but you do not know the reason why or have a lot of gas but you cannot explain it. Those are among the signs of gluten intolerance or sensitivity that are explained below.

Brain fog

Have you found yourself not thinking clearly? Then that is brain fog. In this situation you feel completely disconnected from anything; barely thinking properly. There is a reason behind the weird condition is reaction of antibodies to gluten. This causes inflammation of the brain cells hence the mental fogginess.

Skin complications

The top layer of your skin may have rashes, watery blisters that appear like pimples or burning of the skin. This is a clear sign of gluten intolerance. In this case, the skin has painful blisters and there is a lot of itching.

Persistent Fatigue

Have you slept so much and you realize that you are still tired? Something may be wrong somewhere. It is not in order for you to sleep for long and come out as if you have been weight lifting. Gluten makes one feel so tired even after getting enough rest.

Anxiety and Depression

Someone suffering from this disorder feels hopeless and lacking interest. It destroys moods and loss control of their tempers frequently. This also causes loss of appetite for individuals suffering from Celiac disease. Fear creeps in and it mimics heart attacks.

Digestion problems

It is not all people who suffer digestion dysfunction have the allergy. However, it is the main symptom of one suffering from the problem. There is abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. It also includes having excess gas and excess bloating.

Serious headaches

Due to the uncomfortableness of the brain, there arise headaches. They are referred to as migraines. They arise shortly after consumption of food like rye and wheat. Note that this sign should not be taken for granted.

Pain in the joints

The pain arises due to inflammation of the joints. It is virtually in all joints including the fingers, knees and the hips. In most cases it may be misdiagnosed to be arthritis. However if gluten is removed from the diet, the pain will disappear.

Lactose sensitivity

If you have a problem digesting lactose containing foods then chances are that you are sensitive. Gluten compromises the stomach lining and lactase enzyme hence their digestion problem.

Neurologic signs

Being dizzy and always off balance is one sign of Celiac disease. In this case your balance is totally not in order and it always threatens to be off you.

Unexplained infertility

Do you want to get pregnant but this fails every time? The problem could be the barley or wheat that you consume. It cause hormonal imbalance that can prevent pregnancy from occurring.

The signs of gluten intolerance are more often than not misread by people. Do not sit waiting to be diagnosed by a doctor. It requires that once you identify them, remove gluten from your diet at once and observe the effect. This measure means that you see the doctor a minimal number of times.

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

One of the reasons many dieters fail to reach their weight loss goals is the prevalence of misinformation in books, infomercials and on the Internet. There is no shortage of “old wives tales” that have no basis in reality and yet still get passed around as if they are legitimate tips. These myths are also perpetuated in gyms and health clubs, sometimes by people who are quite lean and fit. As a result, many dieters are basing their weight loss regimens on inaccurate information. Here are a few of the most prevalent myths still being purported as true.

Six Small Meals Per Day

The idea behind this still prevailing myth is that eating smaller, more frequent meals keeps your metabolism running high. However, research has shown that daily meal timing and frequency have no effect on metabolic rate. Food is digested very slowly, so food from your first meal is still being digested when you are eating your fourth. Some argue that eating this way has psychological benefit, as you never have to go very long without eating; but others disagree, claiming that never getting to enjoy a large meal is an unnecessary sacrifice. Another strike against this approach is the inconvenience of having to eat every three hours, as meals must be prepared in advance and eaten on the go.

This is the idea that low intensity exercise at a specific percentage of maximum heart rate uses more fat as fuel as compared to higher intensity exercise, and as such results in greater fat loss. This is a mistake in thinking, as the substrate used while exercising is secondary in importance to the total amount of energy used, which makes high intensity exercise a more efficient choice, as more energy is used per unit of time. This is not to say that low intensity exercise is without benefit; only that it is not in any way superior to higher intensity training simply because it uses a higher percentage of fat for energy.

Lifting Weights Makes You “Bulky”

Women often forgo resistance exercise and limit their training to aerobic modalities for fear of bulking up and getting overly muscular. This is a mistake, as building muscle is not something so easy as to be done by mistake. Plus, women have much lower androgen levels than men, making it considerably more difficult for them to build muscle mass. Resistance exercise facilitates strength, aesthetically pleasing proportions and postural balance and it is a potent fat burner. Dedicating half of your training to resistance work and the other half to aerobic exercise is a sound approach for fat loss.

Complex Carbohydrates are Great for Weight Loss

The advice we often hear is to cut out sugars and starches in favor of complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat, legumes and other grains. These are not bad foods per se, but most people find that total carbohydrates must be kept beneath an approximate threshold for optimal fat loss to occur. This means limiting even healthier carbohydrates such as those just mentioned.

Exercises That Can Help in Losing Belly Fat

Having excessive fat anywhere on your body serves as a huge health risk but belly fat is particularly insidious. Moderate-intensity exercise may help shrink belly fat, however, patience is required as losing fat through exercise can take several months. Here are a few of those exercises recommended to combine with the 21 day flat belly tea recipe:


Using strength training helps in loss of body fat. It helps to build muscle thus improving the ratio of fat to lean tissue on your body. Great proportions of lean tissues burn more calories. Working your primary muscle groups regularly(chest, hips, arms, legs, back) stimulates the release of hormones which assist you in burning fat, especially from your belly. If you happen to be brand new to strength training, you should probably start with light weights and concentrate on mainly honing your form. Increase your weights as time goes by. Examples of exercises to start with include hip hinge, chest press and triceps kickbacks.


Lie down flat with your knees bent and feet firmly on the ground or alternatively you can lift your legs at a 90-degree angle off the floor. Keep your hands crossed on your chest or you can place them behind your neck. Lift your upper torso off the floor while exhaling. Inhale as you’re going down and exhale as you’re coming up. Do this around 10 times as a beginner and more as you progress with your exercise. Don’t jerk your head forward while performing crunches for it will put pressure on your neck thus resulting in pain. Ensure that your entire upper torso is lifted off the ground but do not sit straight. Your back should be at an angle of around 30-40 degrees with the ground.


Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head as you do in crunches. Slightly bend your knees as you lift them off the ground. Bring your left leg towards your chest while keeping your right leg away. Then bring the right leg towards your chest while keeping the left leg away. Repeat this simultaneously as if riding a bicycle in mid-air. Keep this up for about 3-5 minutes.


This is certainly for beginners who are in a rush to lose weight. Stand with your legs wide apart. Make sure they are wider than your hip width and slightly bend your knees. Put both your arms in front of you at shoulder length and keep them parallel to the ground. Take a big step forward with your right leg then sit down as if you’re on a chair keeping your right leg at a 90 degree angle while supporting your left leg with just your toes. Make sure your back is straight. In that position twist your upper torso to the left and then to the right. Make sure to not twist your legs as you’re doing this. Repeat this 15 times.


Stand fully straight with your legs kept together and your hands on your hips. Bend your body to the right as far as possible with your right hand on your hip while your left hand is stretched upwards until you feel a strain on your left waist. Maintain that position for about 15 seconds. Return to the original position and do the vice versa towards your left side.

Other exercises include walking, running, swimming, jogging and cycling. Remember to also keep a close watch on your diet because you need sufficient energy to do these exercises and eating the right food also plays major role in losing belly fat.

Top Three Best Yoga Poses for Women

So you’ve spent the whole day going through work, doing all of your various errands, and slowly going down your to do list. Now you hardly have any energy left for anything else. You need to relax, and enjoy some time to yourself finally. You can do this with yoga! When you do yoga, it easily brings your body into balance. It helps your body to restore your weak muscles and helping you to stretch the tight muscles so it can repair itself. Your body heals with yoga by reducing your risk of injury, reducing pain immediately, and makes your whole body let go of the pent up energy and strain. The deep breathing you do during yoga helps a lot too. It’s really beneficial for your physical and mental health.

So get rid of all your daily stress with these suggested poses for women two or three times a week.

The Child’s Pose

Kneel face-down on a mat, with your feet touching behind you and your arms stretched out over your head. Sit back on your heels why still kneeling down with your forehead resting on the mat. Do this for at least 1-2 minutes and do deep breaths the entire time. This is a great pose for stretching your back, hips, and the quad muscles.

The Downward Dog

From a standing position, bend your knees and slowly put your hands on the floor. In this all fours position, bring your feet almost together, like a few inches apart. Then take your hands and put them shoulder width apart. Press down firmly with your hands and straighten your legs out, so your body looks like a triangle. You can move your hands or feet forward or backward to make the position more comfortable, or you can also bend your knees slightly if your legs are too tight.

Relax your neck and breathe deeply. Hold this for at least a few minutes. This works on your spine, calves, and hamstrings really well. It also really increases your circulation and helps you to strengthen your upper body.

The Warrior 2

Standing up, put your feet four feet apart form each other. Turn the right foot so the toes points towards the front of your mat. Turn your other foot, so that it’s at an 30 degree angle. Rises your arms to shoulder height, and make them and your hands parallel to the floor. Bend your right knee, so that leg forms a 90 degree angle. Tuck your tailbone downward as you gently draw your stomach in. Hold for about a minute, then straighten your right leg, turn, and do this same pose on the other side for the same amount of time.

This will make your core firmer, and tone your arms. It’s really good for the hips, inner thins, and chest too. So these were some of the best poses you can do for basic yoga. They should really help you release some of the tension for your day. Yoga for women doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be easy and fun to do.